Epic transformation resulted in 2011:

·      Facebook posts ousted Egypt’s Mubarek

·      Millennials occupied Wall Street

·      Major brands promoted their Facebook page over their website

This recent revolution toward authenticity has nurtured my long-standing passion for genuine dialogue, mentoring people, and creating sustainable jobs. Before Facebook and the social media landscape, I built and ran an Internet marketing firm focused on genuine dialogue. In my off hours, as the Chairman of one of the largest mentorship organizations in the world, Young Life at The University of Texas in Austin, I’ve led, studied and learned the heart of the next generation.

Social Factor is the culmination of market change, personal passion and experience.

We enable executives and business owners to honestly convince customers of their genuine intention to serve. How better to execute that ethos than with social-savvy Millennials working under disciplined process and platforms?

Social Factor embraces truths close to my heart:

1.   Social media enabled dialogue has forever changed communication.

2.   Millennial’s values are different than corporate America – they demand fun, flexibility and fairness.

3.   45 percent of 20-somethings are unemployed — the highest percentage since
World War II.

4.   In 10 years, millennials will account for half the employees in the world.

Social Factor understands, embraces, and motivates millennials to execute social media for business.


R. Scott Harris, CEO, Social Factor

Execution is Everything!

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