4 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs Social Media Ambassadors


Social media ambassadors are 83% more likely to share information than your average user.  Successfully utilizing ambassadors will construct the personal, trusting, long-term relationships that you are looking for among your core donors and their circles of influence.

What are social media ambassadors?

They are core donors or supporters of your mission, the ones who tell their friends and family about the great work your organization is up to.  Activating these individuals with a social media ambassador program will impact your reach, credibility, campaign momentum and bottom line.

Why You Need to Activate the Social Ambassador Channel:

  1. Social Media Ambassadors will Save you Time and Money

Activated ambassadors will expand the reach of your campaigns with $0 in advertising. Tweet The expanded network of your current audience, saves you targeting time and activated ambassadors will give your campaign the initial boost and momentum pursued by ad dollars. Additionally, the organic engagement of peer to peer sharing campaigns is much stronger than those of ad campaigns.

With a little coaching, your loyal donors are delighted to support your mission through social sharing.

  1. Social Media Ambassadors are Passionate

Passion is a contagious emotion, and donor support will instill passion of your mission for ambassador peers. Engage advocates of your mission with digital volunteering.

Passionate donors are directly connected to organizational growth. Consider this: only 1 in 10 companies achieve sustainable growth, and these successful businesses have twice the level of customer advocacy. Customer advocacy is essential to private businesses; how much more can your nonprofit benefit from ambassadors?

  1. Social Media Ambassadors Will Create Credibility

92% of people trust peer ambassadors over digital influencers, who are not driven by passion  but for incentives or compensation. Because these ambassadors believe in your organization first-hand, their opinions are trusted and their philanthropy is valued. Ambassadors are real people with real connections to your mission, their networks know and understand that.

  1. Social Media Ambassadors Have Untapped Spheres of Influence

Everybody has a sphere of influence. Your ambassadors’ networks are their spheres of influence. You may not yet have access or credibility in these communities, but your ambassadors can make it happen. With your mission and a simple ask, ambassadors can bring you awareness and new donors.

Blackbaud reports that 22% of first-time Gen Y donors first hear of organizations they donate to through word of mouth. Earn first-time donors by breaking into new audience groups through ambassadors.

Start recruiting ambassadors for your organization and activate them for your mission.

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Author: martin.larocca

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