4 Giving Campaign Ideas for Businesses

Give Back

Along with the upcoming holidays comes one of our favorite times of year – #GivingTuesday, and the giving season altogether. Not only is it important for companies to give back to the community, but there is also greater giving potential when campaigns encourage social media communities to participate. You may have seen this recently with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Below are a few ways your business can give back to the community this holiday season, while activating your social audiences. Remember to be authentic in your giving campaign – your first and foremost goal is to raise funds and awareness for an organization or cause that your team stands behind. The added benefits are brand association, exposure, new contacts and potential leads.

1. Dedicate a Day for Your Office to Volunteer

Whether you attend a fun charity walk or race (like the Turkey Trot in Austin), host a canned goods drive, or run a clothing donation drive for Goodwill, volunteering is a great way to give back to the community. Display your enthusiasm and raise awareness by taking photos, sharing them with your social communities and even inviting them to join your team for the event!

2. Promote Charitable Donations Through Social

Activate your audience to give! Filter and focus your conversations by using the hashtag #GivingTuesday. Communicate with your social audiences and promote a donation campaign that will encourage your audience to get behind your cause and donate. Giving Tuesday is December 2nd, which is the perfect time of year to increase awareness and fundraise for the cause of your choice. What better way to do that than through online social networks?

3. Run a Donation Match Campaign

Another great option that encourages donations is to run a donation match campaign on social media. Have your audience pick a charity (or choose one as a company), and for every like, comment, or share that you get, match it with a monetary amount. For example, “Like this post and we’ll donate $1, comment and we’ll donate $2, share and we’ll donate $3.” This is a fantastic way to spread awareness through increased social engagement.

4. Show Your Gratitude

You wouldn’t be here without your customers. The holiday season is a perfect time to show them how thankful you are for their support, especially if they took part in your charitable campaign. Give your active customers personalized thank you’s or maybe even a small promotional gift to show them you care. Don’t forget that even small gestures in giving back to your audience can increase customer loyalty.

For more tips and tricks about executing your holiday giving campaign, start a conversation with us and we can be your social sherpas.