Marketing to Millennials

The average attention span of any millennial is approximately 8 seconds. With the millennials being the fastest-growing group of consumers, it is important to advertise to fit their needs. But, what are their needs exactly?

The millennial generation has been inadvertently trained to to digest an extremely high frequency of information, but the volume of the information must be condensed. With platforms like Twitter that limit the character count, your average 20-something is used to getting information quickly and to the point. BuzzFeed, a pop-culture and news website, has figured out exactly how to do it. The site incorporates articles formatted as lists, riddled with pop culture references, that grab the attention of these fickle and easily-bored millennials.

On BuzzFeed, you can find a mix of satirical pop-culture articles with real, reliable journalistic pieces about relevant news. What makes this different from trend-based news sources like The Onion or The Chive? BuzzFeed has figured that format matters. Short, choppy paragraphs listed with subject headers easily grabs (and holds) the attention of millennials. With that 8 second attention span, who has time to read a two-page block of text?

So, what does this mean for your brand?

BuzzFeed has started to offer promoted articles, meaning that a company will pay to have elements of their brand incorporated into a witty, seemingly unrelated article. Companies taking advantage of this passive style of marketing include Geico, Verizon, Delta Faucets, and Discover. Another new format that BuzzFeed is successfully implementing is a quiz-style article that poses a question, such as, “What character from this movie are you?”  This allows users to choose arbitrary answers to a series of questions. The final product is an answer that is supposed to describe the user satisfactorily.

Buzz Feed and Millennieals

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