How Netflix Broke the Internet (and NOT in a Good Way) – Social Factor Alert

Anything can happen in the world of live streaming, and on the night of April 16th, anything did. Netflix’s highly anticipated live reunion of the popular reality show “Love is Blind” suffered significant technical difficulties. Netflix’s second-ever live event was delayed for more than 19 hours, defeating the entire ‘live reunion’ purpose and causing major FOMO with viewers. This and a lack of disclosure regarding the specific cause of the live stream issue caused an uproar among fans

The planned reunion brought together the cast of the for the first time since their weddings. The show’s format involves singles getting to know each other while unable to see one another, to form meaningful connections before tying the knot.

Netflix released a statement apologizing to its subscribers for the delay and the subsequent cancellation of the live stream. The streaming giant has been resistant to going live like competitors such as Amazon Prime, Apple+, Hulu, and others due to complications like high costs. The incident caused a significant setback for Netflix, which has been investing heavily in producing more reality shows and live events to retain its already frustrated subscriber base and attract new ones. 

Competing networks and various brands used the opportunity to capitalize on the situation. For example, Blockbuster reminded people that ‘this’ wouldn’t happen with a VHS tape. PlutoTV just simply mentioned that their platform was free. Even Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez expressed her frustration, which Netflix themselves retweeted.

Key Takeaways for Brands

  • Transparency. The way brands respond to crisis’ can impact how their customers perceive it. They must admit to shortcomings, provide regular updates, and be upfront about what they’re doing to address said issue. 
  • Technology. As more and more people turn to streaming platforms to consume their favorite content, they must be able to provide a seamless and uninterrupted experience to their users. Any disruption can result in a significant loss of revenue and user trust.
  • Newsjacking. Piggybacking on trending topics can be an excellent engagement opportunity and a highly effective marketing technique when done correctly. By keeping a close eye on the news and responding quickly, companies can build brand awareness.

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