Reputation Management: Why You Need the Experts

Reputation Management

If you haven’t hopped on the social media train and don’t believe that it has the power to break a business down, a quick search of “companies who blew it on social media” will turn your mind around. Remember the DiGiorno Pizza Twitter fiasco? (Side note: Always check the context of a hashtag before using it.) You’ll find tons of examples of companies that thought its crisis could be handled with one simple tweet. Although that is part of the step system of handling such a crisis, there’s a lot more in the reputation management process that needs to be addressed.
Here’s a couple of reasons why it’d be a great idea to let the experts handle it for you:

Consumers Talk to Brands on Social Media. It’s Going to Happen
Each day, customers become more vocal on social media. Some even prefer to contact brands on social media rather than a phone call (33 percent, according to Nielsen). Customer service is changing. With this rising social media force online, you will experience some public opinions about your brand. Positive or negative, you want to respond to as many as possible. And if you ignore the negative, things could get a little messy. Take a quick look at OneDesk’s infographic below:

cx infogrpahic

As you can see, most consumers nowadays expect a SAME-DAY RESPONSE. Not a couple of days. Not a day. Same-day. Social media is more than just posting news about your brand or company. It’s also real time communication and interaction. Are you prepared to handle the responsibility of monitoring social media for your brand 24/7? Having experts who devote their time to understanding the digital space and communicating with different types of people can give you the chance to focus on the continued success of your business.

A Lot of Social Media Platforms? You’ll Need a Lot of Eyes.
Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Tumblr. Instagram. There are a lot of social media platforms to choose from. Whatever your brand decides to choose as its social media platforms, users are growing each day. Just this past month, Facebook hit 1 BILLION users in a day. Of course, your company probably won’t be dealing with 1 billion users at once, but there’s no denying that the digital space is getting a lot larger than in years past. According to the Pew Research Center, about “52% of online adults use two or more social media sites, a significant increase from the 42% who did so in 2013.” You may think that your main customer interaction is on Facebook, so that’s where your attention usually goes to, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a negative tweet about poor service! If you’re serious about better customer service online, you’ll have to take the time to look through all social media platforms. Are you confident that you can monitor and respond on all your social media platforms properly and in a timely manner?

Social Media Mediators 
You’ve worked hard to build up your company’s reputation into a trustworthy system. You strive to hire the right people, the right ethics, the right, well, everything! However, if you’re not careful, the whole system you worked so hard to build can collapse in mere hours if you handle your digital presence like it’s a second (or third, or fourth) thought. So, say you didn’t communicate with a customer in the best way. Just take a look at this Napa Wine Tour incident and see how THAT was handled (pretty poorly). It’s understandable if you see a negative comment online and be protective of your company. However, if you’re personally handling your social media, emotions might be heightened when defending your business. Judgement on the right wording might be impaired. The form of punctuation could even get you in trouble! For reasons such as these, working with a team of social media experts who are trained to handle situations like these greatly benefits your online presence. Social media experts are fantastic mediators at addressing customer complaints or issues.


You Need the Experts
To sum it all up, the social media audience is growing, and customer service is changing. If you’re managing your own social media, you may want to start considering hiring the experts to help your brand. If you have questions regarding what we offer or how we can be effective voices on behalf of your business, talk to us today.