Social Media Day: What Is It, And How To Celebrate


As June 30 rapidly approaches, techies, bloggers and internet users alike are gearing up to celebrate an annual global event. This year will mark the sixth annual Social Media Day, an event that was first launched in 2010 by Mashable to recognize the incredible growth and impact the digital revolution has had on our world. While today we can argue that every day is social media day (#TheDress, anyone?), this specific day allows us to reflect on the changes the digital revolution has set in motion and celebrate our ability to connect with friends, family and new connections we never even thought about.

Last year, Social Media Day events and meetups were attended by thousands of social media enthusiasts and took place from Egypt to San Diego. Mashable asked their Twitter followers to participate in #1Connection, a campaign which encouraged people to expand their networks by adding at least one meaningful connection. Social Factor would be happy to be anyone’s “Meaningful Connection.” Just sayin’. Other celebrations include making virtual pen pals, contests on social media platforms and more. Last year the Mashable community met in New York City and played on giant shuffleboards, took photos in a GIF booth and drank social media-themed cocktails. We’re not exactly sure what those are, but we aren’t opposed to it either.

Want to participate in Social Media Day? Of course you do! Here are some things you can do to join in the festivities.

  • Use #SMday on any social network
  • Follow @MashableEvents on Twitter
  • Join the Mashable Meetup Organizers group on Facebook
  • Attend a meetup in your area (check Twitter and Facebook for locations – or organize one yourself)

Here at Social Factor, we are all about social media. We live, work and breathe social media, so to commemorate that we will be celebrating accordingly. Look for our #SFSMday hashtag to see us post fun facts, reflect on the high and low moments of social media from the past year and let us know your favorite thing about social media (hint: us.)

For most of us, social media is a major part of our daily lives. The connections, networking and friendships made possible today because of social media deserve to be celebrated. So get out there and spread the word! We’ll see you on June 30th for Social Media Day!