New Facebook Page Experience Rolls Out With Bugs – Social Factor Alert

Facebook announced their New Pages  Experience in 2021, with the promise to roll this out to all Pages “in the coming months.” The transition had a rocky start, with Users and Page Admins receiving prompts to switch to the new layout, but with only some able to switch back to the classic layout – and no way to know if your page would be able to roll back or not. As of January 31, 2023, multiple Page Admins reported receiving emails from Facebook indicating that “switching back to the classic Pages will no longer be available,” indicating the New Page Experience was fully deployed and now permanent.

Facebook has rolled out 12 major Page versions to date (here’s a great recap of all of them), and while any change can have issues, this one seems to come with more bugs than usual. Facebook calls this version a Page “Experience” specifically because it introduced significant platform changes along with the redesign, including: changes to Roles (Moderator and Editor removed), requiring Admins to access Pages through Business Manager instead of using their personal account, and changes to various ad formats. 

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