Positivity is More Popular with Gen Z Than TikTok – Social Factor Alert

In October 2022, a new social media app dethroned TikTok and BeReal for #1 rank in the Apple App Store: Gas. Named for the Gen Z phrase “gassing someone up” meaning to compliment them, Gas was created by a group of just four former Facebook employees. This group included the co-founder of tbh, a positivity-focused polling app acquired by Facebook in 2017. This month Gas was acquired by community app Discord, and is planned to keep their app running, as well as develop new ideas to reach communities. 

This focus on positivity in social media has been growing, especially with Gen Z feeling the effects of growing up with social platforms their entire life. From 2009 to 2017, depression rates among teens grew more than 60%. Today, 48% of Gen Z says social media makes them feel sad or anxious, and 58% says they are seeking relief from social media. This group is seeking out spaces that are designed to create positive interactions, such as German “positive social network” SLAY, which reached #1 on the German iOS App Store in just four days and now has 250k+ registered users. 

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