Crisis in 4-Wheel Drive


Toyota published 3 posts on their Instagram channel; one of which included a 4Runner next to a mountain bike. The brand received an uptick in negative feedback as the community expressed disappointment in the use of a bike that wasn’t up to the mountain biking community’s standards
Social Factor recognized a pattern of negative comments via our platform and escalated this potential crisis to the client. Social Factor then monitored the social media streams while the client and Social Factor team discussed a strategy to alleviate the crisis.


The Social Factor team strategized to engage vs. delete with comments and show the community we hear what they have to say. Toyota agreed and approved engagement with a “playful” tone and an admittance that Toyota missed the mark on these posts.
Social Factor prevented a potential crisis by providing Toyota with documentation and a clearly defined strategy to change post sentiment from negative to positive.


Within 24 hours, Social Factor caught and reversed a potential crisis for Toyota. Sentiment analysis showed an almost complete turnaround in overall community sentiment.. Toyota’s positive engagement during this potential crisis was shared throughout the mountain bike community and was commended on how this situation was handled by the social media team.