Reduce Content Production Costs


Toyota USA needed help moderating 3 key marketing events throughout the year: The Winter Olympics, Super Bowl, and HQC in addition to the day-to-day moderation of Toyota’s social media channels that Social Factor already handles.


During these events, volume dramatically increases on social channels. The team needed to address not only the increased volume, but also continue to moderate daily incoming engagements, response time, and standard KPI’s.
The team strategically prioritized and sorted conversations quickly to ensure the biggest impact. They created automated filters to instantly detect & eliminate spam content across all social media pages, created event specific dashboards and matrices with responses to boost engagement quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Social Factor built specific event protocols and contingencies based on client guidelines to mitigate for any crisis during these events.


Social Factor was able to successfully support this massive addition because they had built and refined Toyota’s CXM platform and workflows.

  • The Winter Olympics brought in a 68% increase in volume and the SF Team increased engagement by 140%.
  • Super Bowl incoming volume increased by 347% and the team increased engagement by 1,328%
  • During HQC Incoming volume increased by 157% and the Social Factor Team engaged with 230% more comments during that time.