We Built This Workflow on Rock n Roll


Fender Guitars needed help organization their social software platform. They needed help defining workflows, processes for identifying escalations, and flagging influencer/artist content. Responses in their social channels was inconsistent, event implementation wasn’t optimized, and there wasn’t a clear path to success.


Social Factor was able to provide a cohesive plan that allows Fedner to leverage their existing investment in Social Media Software by

  • Implementing efficiencies to drive up social engagement with fan base
  • Creating customized workflows to fit Fenders priorities based on social channel, desired types of engagements, incoming volume, escalations and platform capabilities to drive social team response efficiency


Event activation example: Fender donated 200K free Fendor Play licenses during early Covid, previously hadn’t been able to capitalize on this in social forums, but with Social Factors help they achieved the following results.


Increase in responses in less than 90 days