Tik Tok on the Clock and We Don’t Stop


After a year of managing recovery and brand love engagement for a national restaurant chain across their main social media platforms, Social Factor proactively created a TikTok playbook for the brand. We recognized the need for the playbook after the client began posting videos to the platform for their latest campaign with a low success rate.


Our team collaborated to worked to build awareness around the brand on TikTok. Our solution was a three-part activation leveraging brand ambassadors, mentions and engaging with related content.
For the activation we combined witty engagement and responses to posts/ videos that mentioned the brand directly or indirectly. Then we strategically searched out high follower creators who love the brand and post about their food and culture often.


The overall results to date have been outstanding:

The account has increased followers by 84.6% to date.
Likes have increased by 174.48%.
Recently, Social Factor has made 49 comments on videos which received a total of over 58,000 Likes.