Very Happy Paw-lidays with Above & Beyond Social Media


Our national pet retailer client approached Social Factor in an effort to help moderate their weekend incoming volume. They wanted to increase the quality of its social media presence on all their social media channels during this time and continue to build community, provide resources, and drive more traffic to their website. Their asks were that we address every single pet parent customer care comment from 9-5 Saturdays and Sundays and all holidays.


Social Factor quickly built a team, trained on the client’s brand and products, and deployed to provide 6 hours of weekend coverage and holidays, with a team of off-hour specialists. Prior to beginning moderation, the Social Factor team implemented a highly effective discovery and training process to prepare the team for high efficiency.
During this process, Social Factor noticed that in addition to customer care questions, there was a high volume of brand love comments. The team developed a community management playbook that allowed the client and team to confidently engage with pet parents previously ignored during the weekends.


With an enthusiastic team of social care experts, Social Factor efficiently and effectively monitored all social channels, responded to customer care and escalated comments from the community, and exceeded expectations by adding responses to brand love comments not originally in the ask. To date Social Factor has handled 69K comments with an average of 3.7K comments over each weekend.