Discarding, Clearing and Scaling


LinkedIn partnered with Social Factor to Transition from insufficient internal processes to meet growing demand.
They needed help moderating a social platform of millions followers across all their social media accounts, and they chose Social Factor as a partner to handle influx of comments and questions on their daily posts and scale alongside LinkedIn’s rapid growth.

2.2M Handled

Total number of messages triaged, tagged & cleared (including backlog since 2017)


While onboarding, the Social Factor Team began by clearing outdated content to better identify engagement opportunities. After clearing over 2.2 million of outdated comments. The Social Factor team extended their efforts to Social Support by focusing on finding relevant engagements & delivering to the team quickly. Drafting new workflows and the creation of dashboards to help streamline the process.

364K Resolved

Total volume of messages resolved successfully via triaging to correct teams.


With rapidly scalable community management and a 24/7 solution, Social Factor was able to establish a unified approach to issue resolution, and “always on social media moderation for LinkedIn.
Although, this partnership is only a few months old; internal teams have already noticed positive changes to the ways in which their teams interacts with the audience.
Because Social Factor built and refined their dashboards on their CXM platform, they are now able to easily support the volume while focusing on building community & trust with their followers & members.


Since March 2022 Total volume resolved on net new 2022 content.