Escape 2021: A Global, Interactive Live Stream


YouTube approached Social Factor to help moderate their YouTube Rewind livestream after a two year hiatus due to negativity experienced in 2018 and the Pandemic. Escape 2021 would consist an interactive livestream in which users around the world would participate in trends-based challenges from 2021, ultimately unlocking a final live surprise to close out the year on YouTube.
The livestream relied heavily on live chat functionality, and given the previous negative experience, they were anticipating potential spam, hate, and harassment challenges within the chat.


Given YouTube’s history with Rewind 2018 and a recent removal of the dislike button on YouTube, Social Factor needed to carefully prepare for all scenarios and come up with an in depth contingency plan taking into account all possible crisis and spam attacks.
Our solution was a four-part activation leveraging a robust contingency plan, social listening, native moderation via YouTube and engagement via Hovercast.
In addition, SF needed to support the Google team with:

  • Comprehensive Hate-Speech List Creation translated into 5 languages.
  • In-chat prompts in language where SRT and subtitles files were not ready in time for live sections in english and additional languages..
  • Control Documents & Flight Schedule
  • Social Factor trained & deployed 25 bilingual community moderators to provide 24 hour moderation in 8 languages across 8 time zones. and streams.


1,482,189 Comments Monitored
552,231 Mentions Handled
8 Time Zones + Streams
25 bilingual moderators trained
24-hour Moderation