Holy Coachella! A YT LiveStream Event


After a 2 year hiatus due to the Pandemic, YouTube was set to live stream Coachella 2022 marking the 10th year that YouTube would be the exclusive livestream partner of the festival. For the first time ever YouTube streamed the event as an interactive livestream where users around the world participated in polls and live chat conversations.
Having successfully supported YouTube during their End of Year livestream campaign, YouTube approached Social Factor to provide 24-hour comment moderation and curation in 5 languages over both Coachella weekends.


The Social Factor team carefully developed a moderation plan in under 8 weeks taking into account that this would be the first interactive livestream for Coachella..
Social listening was set in place in the weeks leading up to the event capturing keywords that helped develop a robust contingency plan. Using this plan, the SF team trained over 45 moderators in 5 languages on handling inappropriate content and repeat offenders, blocking keywords, and escalations. Canned responses were developed and translated to encourage participation, as well as to deal with customer service type questions.
GeoFencing was set up for International channel moderators and a ROS +Engagement schedule was developed by the team for merch drops and interactive pins.


  • 8 Week Turn-around
  • Over 45 moderators trained
  • 3.7M Live chat comments for both weekends
  • 98.9M Views for both weekends
  • 3,246,783Comments Monitored
  • 3,810 Comments Removed
  • + 200K of merch sold
  • 750K New Subscribers
  • 74 Merch Drops
  • 218 Pins/ Polls
  • 12 NFTs