Making the Internet a Safer Friendlier Place


YouTube approached Social Factor to help moderate comments at the beginning of 2021 after a tumultuous year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, civil and racial unrest that led many creators to disable comments on their channels due to online hate, political discussions and derogatory comments..
The ask was to protect and alleviate stress from their creators on promoted playlists that spanned 16 Campaigns.
Some of the most notable of the year were Escape 2021, Biden Town Hall, Bear Witness Take Action, World Mental Health Day, and Youtube Black Creators Fund to name a few.


The Social Factor social team developed a community management playbook, ​​recommending specific strategies and policies for managing derogatory and hateful speech for each creator. These included:

  • Human moderation of all creator channel during the course of the campaign
  • Qualitative measurements for hate speech categorized by degree of intent and context that could be individualized for each creator based on their preference..
  • Detailed escalation procedures and specific community management reports based on on overall performance..
  • 24-7 moderation for the span of the campaigns Specific training leveraging social listening and predictive online behavior models for the playlists.


    Social Factors helped YouTube curve potential crisis during content sensitive campaigns over the course of 2021. Helping re-establish creator trust in allowing comments to be turned on their channels.