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Is Twitter still valuable for brands?
Twitter is in an uncertain place right now. But the value a Twitter presence brings to your brand is undeniable. Many brands have been active on the site for over a decade, making meaningful connections with thousands of fans along the way.

Should your brand leave Twitter? Or should you lay low and ride out the current tumult? Or should you stick to your existing communications plan? Only you can make that decision, but we can help you formulate a plan to succeed no matter which direction you choose.

Complete the form below to download our free eBook: Flight Plan: Social Factor’s Guide to Planning Your Brand’s Future on Twitter. This guide will give you a complete summary of what’s changed (so far), offer discussion questions to align your team on decisions about your accounts and your data, and provide key insights on up-and-coming alternative platforms your brand should consider.

Inside this ebook you’ll find:

  • How are consumers perceiving brands that choose to continue to stay on Twitter, or even advertise on the platform?
  • What are examples of major brands that have made their decision to go forward with Twitter, go quiet, go dormant, or just go away entirely?
  • What steps do I need to take if we choose to pause, shelve, or sunset a Twitter account?
  • What are the implications of Twitter’s changes on my customer data, particularly its compliance with GDPR or CPRA?
  • Which of the many alternative microblogging platforms should I consider adding to my brand strategy, and why?