Is Reddit a Part of Your Social Media Mix?



Effective digital marketing demands creativity when using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But true creativity comes in using all available mediums to reach your audience. One such medium is Reddit.


What is Reddit?

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Phanian describes the platform as “The front page of the internet. It’s the social network where there are tens-of-thousands of communities—around passions and interests you might have—where people converse about things that are most important to them.” These communities are known as “subreddits,” and they cover every topic imaginable; including a digital marketing subreddit with more than 10,000 active subscribers.

While many of the 250+ million users use the site solely for entertainment or information-gathering, Reddit’s true success rests in its interactive and conversational nature. Reddit users may post articles, ideas, gifs and other content to a subreddit where other users can then upvote, downvote and start conversation threads on it. On one of the more popular subreddits known as “Ask Me Anything,” renowned opinion leaders such as Bill Gates, Neil deGrasse Tyson and even President Obama have hosted sessions to publicize themselves to millions of participants in user-led Q&A sessions. This is a free and convenient way to garner support from Redditors eager to hear from leaders who are willing to be transparent and accessible.


Who Is the Audience?

The beauty of Reddit is that each subreddit explicitly defines the community for you. However, considering that almost every topic of discussion will yield multiple subreddits, it is essential to familiarize yourself with them all to a) see which titles and leads attract the most attention, and b) determine if the thread has a more academic or tongue-in-cheek feel. Furthermore, Reddit attracts what many consider the “mavens” of the internet. Giving rise to Reddit’s tagline as “the front page of the internet,” it is not unusual for this site to be the birthplace of viral internet content. Reddit is made up of an audience replete with creativity, met with gatekeepers who are keen at telling what content is worth sharing.


Explore Subreddits

Not many companies have used Reddit effectively in their media mix, which marks one of its most significant advantages. Many companies have tried using commercial-sounding messages only to find their post with more downvotes than seconds their post was live. That is why one of the most crucial steps to effectively use Reddit is by assimilation. This begins with subscribing to relevant subreddits, asking questions and providing answers when possible, and engaging in prominent conversations like a crowded “Ask Me Anything” session. This will, in turn, boost the number of karma points visible on your profile (one upvote equals one karma point) and build credibility by being recognized by other users in your communities. If you follow these steps, you will come to find each post you publish garners more comments and upvotes. Achieving a post with a substantial amount of upvotes and comments lands it a top spot on the front page of that subreddit. Once a post makes it on the first page of a subreddit, engagement often skyrockets to the point of being placed on the homescreen of Reddit where millions of users actively seek out content.


Is Reddit good for your brand?

While including Reddit as a part of your social media mix requires stretching new creative muscles, effectively reaching its analytical and passionate audience will entice catalytic consumers who are ready to provide critical feedback. No matter the client or company you are working for, you will find a conveniently segmented niche with the only competition being your own creative prowess.


*Disclaimer: do not browse the animal subreddit “aww” while at work unless you make plans to clear your schedule for a week.

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