Listening & Analytics

Combining the powers of math and moderation, our Analytics team is uniquely suited to extracting insights from the data of digital customer experience. Here’s how Social Factor approaches social listening and analytics:

Multilingual Monitoring

With native speakers on our team covering the world’s top 15 languages we can parse the nuance found in slang, idioms, and even emojis.

Real-Time, All The Time

Our teams follow the sun around the globe, always ready to read, research, and respond when the moment is right.

Audiences & Attribution

We use data to help your brand and business grow by understanding each of your audiences at a conversational level and connecting actions to outcomes.

National Pet Care Retailer

Purr-fect Weekend Coverage Enables Pet Parent Love

Our Challenge

  • Client seeking triage and response for social over the weekend, mitigating potential for negative PR and viral crises
  • Pet parent interactions span a wide gamut from influencer mentions to product questions to health emergencies, requiring diverse responses
  • Cases can reference hundreds of different products, brands, or services provided by the client, requiring complex keyword query

Our Solution

  • Deployed our team weeks ahead of work start date to train on client branding and products; updated the client’s social care playbook
  • Developed situational response time benchmarks through historical data analysis, separating the crises from the questions in the data
  • Redesigned client listening dashboards, triage queues, approval pathways, and response scenarios to optimize connection and speed

The Results

  • Active Listening and accurate, meaningful data have improved all aspects of the client’s social media presence
  • In one client’s own words: “We weren’t really looking at the right analytics. We thought we knew what we were listening & monitoring for, but the dashboards that Social Factor has built have significantly impacted our overall response time, brand sentiment, and established proper benchmarks.” Director, Corporate Communications

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