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This week’s trending news recap includes an ultimatum for the biggest social media companies from Senate, new research from Forbes makes the case for digital marketing in small business and a recent Pew Research study reveals where U.S. adults consume much of their news. Here’s a hint – social media. Read more below!


Senate Hits Social Media Companies Hard

Lawyers from Google, Twitter and Facebook testified in front of a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing this week regarding social media’s role in the 2016 election. The lawyers faced a series of scolding questions and remarks, with many answers deemed inadequate by Senators on the committee. Senator Dianne Feinstein concluded on behalf of the Intelligence Committee with an ultimatum, urging social media companies to “do something about it–or we will.”



Digital Disruption is Real

According to research conducted by Forbes, successful mid-size firms must prioritize digital marketing as a means of acquiring new clients. Companies employing a robust digital marketing stack in addition to using referral tactics are garnering “organic prospects,” or consumers unique and new to a business. As the business climate endures a transitory phase marked by companies like Amazon and Apple dominating their industries, it is crucial that smaller companies capitalize on the powers of digital marketing.



Americans Turn to Multiple Social Sites for News

A recent Pew Research Center study found the share of U.S. adults using two or more social media sites as news resources has increased to 26 percent as compared to 15 percent in 2013. Facebook remains well ahead of other mediums as 45 percent of adults reportedly use the site for news, with YouTube, Twitter and Instagram next in line at 18 percent, 11 percent, and seven percent, respectively. This data serves as a reminder that a media mix replete with multiple mediums is necessary for optimizing your bandwidth.

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