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Facebook invests tens of millions to provide digital job skills and internet literacy to 30 cities in coming months. Twitter rolls out a “Promote Mode” that automatically promotes Tweets for a $99 monthly subscription. Chipotle looks to digital as the solution to their poor performance over the last few quarters.


Facebook Teaching Unemployed Digital Skills

Facebook is investing tens of millions of dollars into “Community Boost” in an effort to improve the economy through social media. It will teach digital job skills to the unemployed, internet literacy to those just getting online, startup methodology to entrepreneurs and customer growth to small business owners. Houston will be among the 30 cities Facebook is set to travel to.




Twitter’s ‘Promote Mode’ a Win for Businesses

Twitter introduced “Promote Mode” to the public, providing a monthly $99 subscription that automatically promotes your first 10 tweets every day. Like a typical Twitter ad, those promoted tweets will appear in front of users that don’t yet follow the business and will still have that badge that lets users know the tweet is a paid ad. Twitter claimed the tool averaged 30,000 added







Chipotle’s Newfound Success: Digital Efforts

After numerous underwhelming earning reports, Chipotle investors are seeing success with their increased digital efforts. This highlights findings that restaurants generate greater revenue when focus is placed on online orders and customer service.







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