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Social media brings a peaceful resolution to Zimbabweans whose military sought to violently disrupt their government. A GlobalWebIndex study reveals that users are spending more time on social media sites and are accessing more platforms than before. The amount of media coverage Tesla’s recent launch event generated is a product of their skillful digital marketing strategy.


Social Media Prevents Violence in Zimbabwe

When state media failed to report a statement from Zimbabwe’s military which outlined their plan to violently disrupt their government, the plan was quickly foiled when the message was delivered through social media. When citizens and supporting neighbors learned of the threat through Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, they quickly unified to stop what had potential to be a political crisis. This story explains how developing nations can rely on social media to provide information and transparency conducive to a better quality of living.



Web Browsers Using More Social Sites than Ever

A GlobalWebIndex study found the average web user spends two hours and 15 minutes on social media per day, with the average person owning 7.6 social media accounts. Further data found gradual growth in newsgathering from all sites, and increased video viewership on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. These elements contribute to a record high 90% level of social media engagement.



Tesla’s Supercharged Social Strategy

Tesla’s first-class use of social media surrounding the revelation of a new semi-truck and second generation Roadster proves an effective replacement for broadcast advertising. Tesla’s constant interaction with social media users, bread crumb trail of tweets leading up to the event, and emphasis on the event’s live-stream are but a few of their digital marketing tactics. This not only garnered significant media coverage for the event, but builds on their reputation as a transparent and benevolent company.



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