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Cyber Monday sales achieved new records across the board, generously surpassing retail sales from Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday combined. Snapchat announced a redesign that CEO Evan Spiegel claims will successfully “separate social from media” and curb the “fake news” epidemic. Facebook has now partnered with PayPal, allowing users to invoice customers directly through Messenger.



Cyber Monday Hits Record Highs

Cyber Monday hit a new record to make it the largest online sales day in history with sales totaling $6.59 billion. With a 17 percent increase from last year’s sales, this places Cyber Monday ahead of the $5.03 billion made in sales on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. Furthermore, mobile set new records of its own, representing 47.4 percent of visits and 33.1 percent of revenue of all Cyber Monday shoppers.







Snapchat Update Separates Social and Media

Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel announced that Snapchat has been redesigned to keep friends and professional content separate. Spiegel hopes this will mitigate many of the problems that plague the Internet by preventing news content and personal opinions from bleeding over. This announcement comes on the heels of investor concerns about Snapchat’s bruised earnings and falling user engagement.







Facebook Partners With PayPal

Facebook added a chat extension that now adds the ability to invoice customers using PayPal through Messenger. This new PayPal chat extension simplifies the process of working with clients online, giving customers the convenience of turnkey communication and payment through Facebook. The process is as simple as opening the extension tray on Messenger, selecting PayPal, and then you can create your invoice.





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