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Instagram users may now create two-option polls on their stories that followers can then vote between. Google held a leadership summit that confirmed their willingness to work with publishers who previously feared Google was against them. Social media proved once more its ability to save lives after reuniting a 5-year-old boy who lost his mother during this week’s tragedy in Las Vegas.



Instagram Adds Polling Feature to Stories

As Instagram’s story feature continues to gain popularity, a new polling addition is likely to further the app’s engagement. Early this week, Instagram added a new polling option that can be accessed by dragging and dropping a “poll sticker” when creating a story. This sticker allows users to create and share a two-option question that followers then have access to vote on.




Google and Publishers Come Together

Google executives held a leadership summit at their Chicago office this week to address publishers who were worried that Google would benefit too greatly from ad revenues generated by online news sources. After Google confirmed their decision to return $11 billion in ad revenues to publishers, Google executives committed to ending their decade old “first click free” policy that allowed certain articles to be accessed via Google without the need for subscribing. Additionally, Google unveiled new tools created to help publishers optimize revenue from their content.





Twitter Brings Hope in Las Vegas

After this week’s tragedy that took place during a country music festival in Las Vegas, one mother feared the worst when she lost her 5-year old son in the chaos. After hours of separation, a bystander noticed a young boy was by himself and decided to take to social media rather than wait to hear from an overwhelmed 9-11 dispatcher. Within minutes of posting a photo of 5-year old Aiden on Twitter, his mother was directed to the post and found hope amidst all the chaos.

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