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The top digital news stories of this week include the following: Facebook has unveiled a series of updates that aim to bring more utility for businesses. Amazon is making concerted efforts to increase online advertising. LinkedIn introduced autoplay video ads as a means of increasing revenue and appealing to popular interests.





Facebook to Unveil New Business-Friendly Updates

This week, some of Facebook’s more hidden projects were made known. Businesses can expect to benefit from updates including an improved version of Workplace with screen-sharing capabilities, a B2B discovery feature that allows businesses to connect, and the ability to moderate comments during Facebook Live. Additionally, Facebook is expected to introduce facial recognition and a “Shows” section to support the addition of TV content.






Amazon to Enter Digital Advertising Realm

Amazon is set to bring more than 2,000 digital marketing employees to its new office in New York City in the coming months. By locating themselves next to major advertising agencies, Amazon looks to bring competition to a field dominated by Google and Facebook. They believe that digital advertising is the next step in increasing the number of companies who sell through their site.




LinkedIn Introduces Autoplay Video Ads

After allowing users to upload their own videos in August, LinkedIn noted how video posts are shared 20 times more frequently than other forms of posts. Naturally, video advertising made sense as a means of the site generating more ad revenue. As LinkedIn sells video ad space to a test group of about 200 marketers, these new ads will be implemented in the coming weeks.


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