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Several major media platforms have committed to a program that aims to improve digital advertising integrity. A bill has been proposed to the US Senate that would enforce greater transparency with political ads on major media sites. Facebook has finalized its Explore Feed that will allow users to find content from sources other than friends.




Social Media Giants Agree to Gold Standard Initiative

This week, 23 media platforms including Facebook, Google and Twitter began to implement three key actions established by the “Gold Standard” program. The program’s steps are designed to reduce ad fraud, appease consumer issues surrounding their digital advertising experience, and increase brand safety on social platforms. Success of the program will be monitored to discern what expansions may be needed in the future.




Senate Bill Seeks Regulation of Online Political Ads

Two senior Senate Democrats proposed the Honest Ads Act this week in response to concerns about Russia’s online influence during the 2016 election cycle. The bill would require online platforms to make copies of political ads publicly available, provide information on each ad buyer and their intended audience, and the rate charged by the platform. The proposal applies to sites averaging 50 million or more users, which includes far more sites than Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.




Facebook’s Explore Feed Fully Implemented

After testing the alternative conduit for mobile users, Facebook’s Explore Feed is now finalized and up for use on desktop. This new feed allows users to discover posts outside of their friend group, where browsers can expect to find posts both corollary to their interests and popular amongst their area. This second tier news feed seeks to increase the amount of time users spend on the site, while affording Facebook more opportunities to sell ad space.



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