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New research finds that the digital advertising industry is projected to grow to $420 billion within the next 5 years. Twitter has revealed plans to increase transparency with future advertising transaction, as well as banned two Russian media organizations from purchasing ads on their platform. Gmail now has the capability to integrate third-party applications directly into its site.




Digital Ad Spending to Hit $420 Billion

Reports from Juniper Research suggest an 18% compound annual growth rate for digital ad spending over the next five years. With digital advertising expenditures on course to reach $184 billion this year, 18% growth would see $420 billion spent in 2022. Among other holistic considerations, this report predicts nearly 75% of digital ads will use AI to target users by 2022.





Twitter Bans Russian Advertisers

In response to concerns over the 2016 election cycle, Twitter suspended two Russian media organizations from advertising on their platform. Twitter followed this decision by laying out their plans to launch a database for future ad transactions as part of their concerted efforts to provide more transparency. With Capital Hill considering bills focused on regulating social media advertising, Twitter is showing Congress their desire to fix issues without legislative action.




Gmail Update Helps Businesses

Google’s “add-on” update allows third-party developers to directly integrate services with Gmail. Business who previously had to jump from app-to-app will save time with this new feature that can consolidate multiple apps into a one-stop shop. At least five developers have directly partnered with Google, with more expected to join in the coming weeks.


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