Twitter Growth Slows but Projections Still Suggest Significance

Reports from eMarketer and Mashable estimate that Twitter’s user base will reach up to 300 million by 2016 and 400 million by 2018. It is apparent that the growth of users each year is starting to level off when looking at past data. Twitter execs originally expected Twitter to hit 400 million users by the end of 2013. Now, this number isn’t expected to be reached for another four years.

Regardless, Twitter is just as important as ever. The number of Twitter’s active users is certainly on the rise. Twitter reported having 255 monthly active users in the first quarter of this year—an increase of about 51 million users compared to the first quarter of last year. In order to combat the decreasing rate of new users, the platform is emphasizing to advertisers that it reaches both active users as well as any web user searching hashtags from TV and websites.


Source: Mashable

Many questions arise with this new data, and numerous people are wondering whether or not Twitter will ever achieve the scale that Facebook has. Facebook has a much larger user base, and will sustain that advantage for awhile. However, Twitter has the potential to catch up with its unique ability to penetrate the moment. Twitter just has to continue to help people to see its unique value.

Is Twitter still being used as much as it has been in the past? Yes, actually more. Twitter is continuing to tweak its platform in order to become more and more user friendly. Both people and businesses are continuing to take advantage of social media platforms such as Twitter, because although it is not as large as Facebook, it is an extremely powerful tool to reach out to more targeted audiences with real-time conversations and buzz.

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Author: ryan.halsey

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