The Value of Interns

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Has the average age of colleagues in your office felt awfully young lately? It’s that time of year we like to call summer intern season, and we couldn’t be more thankful and excited to have interns join our team. When resourced properly, managing interns can be one of your best investments. Here’s why:

First, interns use youth to their advantage. In a society that is evolving quicker than ever before, Millennials are ready to adapt to change and business processes. Additionally, they are more connected to the ever-changing media landscapes than the majority of the business world. Millennials have a diverse network and utilize their connections to share knowledge and news — they are social natives. Not only do we teach our interns the ins and outs of Social Factor, but we also learn from them and respect any knowledge they bring to the table.

At Social Factor, we are constantly adapting to the digital media landscape. We spend time learning new tools and features that help us perform work strategically and efficiently, while reaching our client goals. This provides the exact real-world experience interns need in order gain hands-on experience that universities can’t teach them. To give our interns a valuable experience, it is imperative that we assign them with projects that not only help the business grow, but that also facilitates their knowledge and understanding of the industry.

Lastly, let’s not forget it’s summertime! Interns want to have a good time, and they are good at it. Each summer we plan a team building off-site for the Austin and Fort Worth offices to come together. This provides a wonderful opportunity to not only reward employees for their hard work, but to truly get to know each person on a personal basis. Building these relationships can bridge gaps and boost office morale, resulting in a more productive workplace.

Are you having a hard time finding interns? Reach out to nearby colleges and universities to recruit qualified students. Build relationships with advisors and departments that align with your business. They provide strong job mentorship and recruiting, which can lead students straight to your company. The digital world is infinite, and having young minds that can withstand the exhaustion of adapting to changing techniques, platforms, and strategies is crucial to a successful business model.

We know it’s going to be a rewarding summer for all of our employees, and we truly can’t wait to see what we learn from our interns.

Do you have questions about interning with us? Contact us today, we can’t wait to meet you!

Author: michael.todd

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