Who Really Won the World Series?


Keeping with the American tradition, we sat on the edge of our couches and patiently waited for the Dodgers to strike out and crown the Houston Astros as this year’s World Series champion. As viewers are finding more ways to watch TV without commercials, social media is this year’s MVP for reaching audiences and sharing brand messages. Here was the starting lineup.



NASA: Link the Event to Your Brand

NASA launched a copy strategy that used all of their home advantages to link the World Series to its brand. The witty nature of this social strategy would have been enough for takeoff, but encouraging employees and subunits of NASA to partake is what generated maximum thrust.







CocaCola: Link Brand to Sponsorship
Coke made a smart play by using its World Series sponsorship to highlight the series. Giving baseball the center stage let them silently rack up the runs as a ghost runner. This remains a great tactic for increasing the perceived goodwill of a brand.







The Weather Channel: Repurpose     Other Content
Even as the clear underdog, the Weather Channel’s great use of social conversation resulted in useful content showering in. Repurposing user-generated content is cheap, convenient, and entices more users to create content with the hopes of being shared. Monitoring your social influencers for content is a great way to enter the conversation without having to create content on your own.





T-Mobile: Create Related Programs that Resonate
T-Mobile launched the #HR4HR campaign to donate money to Hurricane Harvey relief each time the hashtag was retweeted. Using the spotlight Houston had during the World Series, the campaign received 650,000 retweets, 1.5 billion Twitter impressions, and provided $2.5 million to the cause. This above-and-beyond service generates an incredible amount of brand equity.







MasterCard: Monitor Related Hashtags
By paying attention to hashtags that fit its intended audience and content, MasterCard was properly prepared to catch a fly ball this series. This priceless tactic is a creative way to elevate your social voice with real-time events.







Each of these examples display how proper strategy and execution can give your brand the spotlight during social events. If you’re looking for a team of professionals to strengthen the voice of your brand during social events, contact us today!


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