Who we are

Our team of social experts draws from a vast array of digital experience with national and international brands ranging from CPG to technology and beyond. While weโ€™re always learning and staying on top of the latest digital trends, our top priority is to deliver great results for our clients.

Meet the Team.

Scott Parker


Marie Carroll

VP, People & Culture

Eric Swayne

VP, Strategy, and Insights

Kate Grigal

VP, Strategic Partnerships

David Mendell

VP, Client Service

Daniel Monaco

VP, Operations

Becky Crisan

Director of Analytics

Our Values.


Never settle. When we look at our colleagues, we are constantly amazed at their incredible work. We intentionally refine our craft, seek out smarter solutions, and want the work we create to be held up as the best.


Listen. Understand. Act. Our work is always the result of connecting humans together. We believe the diversity and uniqueness of everyone we work with is valuable


Where innovation meets perspiration. We are excited about bringing great ideas to life (wherever they come from), and we are always ready to jump in and make them happen.

We are a team of client-focused, group-above-self, and highly-motivated individuals with an attention to detail and passion for results that go beyond client expectations. But we know there’s also a time to disconnect and recharge. While we’re constantly pursuing excellence in our work, we’re always humble enough to do what it takes to make sure the job is done right.

Join our team.


From digitally-savvy content creators and in-the-know community managers to strategic account managers and insights-driven analysts, weโ€™re building a team ready to take on the challenge of whatโ€™s next in social and digital. Think you have what it takes? Apply today!