From Ice Age to Red Hot — What to Know About Mastodon

The following post comes from “Flight Plan: Social Factor’s Guide to Planning Your Brand’s Future on Twitter” – you can learn more and download the complete ebook at It’s true what they say: you never really know what you had until it’s gone. As someone who used Twitter as their primary source of up-to-the-minute […]

Twitter Analytics Making You Blue? There’s Hope!

Today I ran some quick, basic, random queries through my social analytics platform of choice, looking at October 1-30. I pulled the volume breakdown by channel, and you can see the results below. It doesn’t take an experienced Data Scientist to see one theme really quickly: most of that volume comes from Twitter. Thanks to […]

Why Twitter’s Next Owner Will Own the News Cycle

Twitter is FIVE TIMES more important to journalists than it likely is to you. This incredible stat and more comes to us from Pew Research Center, thanks to a survey of journalists and editors conducted this summer, as compared to data from their American Trends Panel.  The latest news (as of October 5th) seems to […]

Don’t Get Caught in the Storm: How to Prepare For Disasters on Social Media

Storms are incredibly dangerous, and its important to recognize and use the resources in place to keep you and your loved ones safe. What is LESS talked about/has resources for, is protecting your brand during less literally storms. Here are some principles that will help keep your brand safe whether facing a literal weather event, […]

Dos & Don’ts of Social Media For Business

Some believe that social media management is all common sense, but there are several formulas to social success for your business. It’s important to know how to properly utilize each platform individually to have an effective social strategy. To better understand how to tailor each platform to your business needs, you first need to know […]

Social Media Practices for Customer Journey Goals

  Any time a brand posts content online, this message becomes part of the brand’s marketing mix. Just because social media has a low barrier to entry and can be executed on a small budget, this doesn’t mean that a company’s social strategy should be cheapened. Like ANY marketing campaign, a brand’s social media efforts […]

Will Small Businesses be Affected by Instagram Hiding Likes?

Though the ability to like Instagram posts isn’t gone, the option for others to see who has liked a post has disappeared for U.S. Instagram users. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri tweeted, “Today a small portion of people on Instagram worldwide will no longer be able to see the number of likes other people’s photos get.” […]

8 Unfortunate Social Media Missteps and How to Avoid Them

A lot can happen in 280 characters. Social media might seem like a simple medium to manage, but the slightest misstep can lead to disastrous results. In April 2019, a since-deleted #MotivationMonday tweet from Chase sparked instant backlash and accusations of “poor-shaming.” The tweet suggested customers wouldn’t have as much difficulty with their finances if […]

Seven Brands Marketers “Must Follow” on Social Media

When it comes to digital strategy, understanding who your audience is and what content resonates with them (i.e. giving them what they want) is the key to success. Consumers don’t follow every brand they interact with online. Understanding how to speak to the consumers who choose to follow your brand is essential for getting the […]

Facebook Continues to Thrive as Monthly Active Users Increase

Though it happened slowly over several years, the collapse of Google+ still caught many users by surprise. Even as tech products come and go like the latest fashions, It’s hard to imagine how a company that defined web browsing and the standard for email couldn’t also create a widely-adopted social platform. It’s through that lense […]