In May 2023, the Federal Trade Commission implemented a new set of guidelines for social media influencers to ensure they properly disclose brand-sponsored content. In the months leading to this implementation, with more rules and stricter enforcement on the horizon, large enterprises that engage with hundreds of influencers across a portfolio of brands faced a significant challenge: to develop a system to confirm all influencer activity and relationships were brought into compliance, properly and thoroughly monitored, and quickly corrected as needed.


Social Factor worked with social, marketing, and legal teams to identify all influencers and audit the current activity. Then, our team looked at all processes and platforms used to manage this content. We examined the new regulations versus the current state to identify gaps and make recommendations for the new system that would be used to gain and maintain compliance with the new rules. Finally, after an extensive series of meetings with all internal stakeholders, Social Factor led the process of generating buy-in through education and ongoing support.


The Social Factor team created a set of Enterprise Social Media guidelines to use throughout the organization to ensure that 120+ influencers leveraged across its brands are in compliance with all federal regulations.