A leading auto manufacturer was using a third-party tool for its national network of dealerships to find approved content for its social channels. While this tool was integrated with its social media management platform, the corporate social media team did not have full visibility into or control over what was being used, along with other relevant details like the expiration of rights on assets.


Social Factor performed an audit of the original platform integration solution, a new social media management platform upgrade that may eliminate the need for the current solution, and the processes for migration. Social Factor then defined processes for the dealer network to shift its usage to the new tool and handled all education, worked with the leadership for the dealer to map out ongoing optimizations, and held weekly office hours to follow-up troubleshooting during the transition.


Through this transition, the client was able to centrally manage the content shared by over 1,000 dealers throughout the United States, representing over 4,000 individual social channels. This provided deeper insights into content performance on a local level as well as mitigated a truckload of risk along the way.