With the automotive industry heading into an era of massive structural change, a leading manufacturer came to Social Factor for support in defining and articulating a new social media channel strategy. Three primary goals of the organization were to:

  1. Unify the vision for social media
  2. Set a high bar of excellence, 
  3. Plan for inevitable adaptation along the journey.


Social Factor conducted extensive primary and secondary research into social trends, platform utilization, the automotive industry, the company’s marketing and communications objectives, branded social channels, competitors, customers, and enterprise social media best practices from outside the automotive industry.


Social Factor delivered a comprehensive document to serve as a North Star for all business units and their agency partners for the next decade. A month-long series of meetings was held to integrate multiple points of view and build consensus around a sustainable plan to follow into the future. We aligned 11 internal business units that represent 150+ employees, 40+ social channels, 15+ agency partners, and over 200 million engagements per year.