Social Factor engaged in a multi-week live-streaming event utilizing pre-planned interactive elements, such as quizzes and polls, to maintain audience engagement throughout each event. While much information existed about the target audiences’ prior interests, preferences, and behaviors, this was a new type of execution that would require a test-and-learn agenda optimized over time to maximize viewer interactivity, engagement, and, ultimately, view time.


Based on historical information about the audience, Social Factor developed a variety of content built around several areas of interest. For the first four weeks, our team monitored the performance of each, both individually and as thematic groups, to gauge audience-stated preferences versus actual behaviors. After the initial testing period, our team identified a clear pattern of mentions that were then used to focus attention on the highest-performing content each week.


Content optimization provided a sustained increase in interactive activity for the duration of the event. It also showed a measurable increase in activity in the minute after each piece of content was shared in the chat, regardless of any other co-occurring factors, further demonstrating the strategy’s efficacy.