Backlog to Proactive Real-Time Social Media


Our work with Cracker Barrel started with clearing out a significant backlog of responses and bringing their response time back under SLA, but as our teams worked through responses and moved into a proactive posture with Cracker Barrel, we uncovered a variety of recurring themes from Guests who deeply love the Brand and weren’t being recognized.


Our Social Care and Strategy teams collaborated with Sprinklr to launch a User-Generated Content (UGC) outreach process, enabling the Cracker Barrel team to recognize and leverage this content from Guests.
Today, our Moderators not only respond to Brand needs, but they also seek out emotional moments shared that bring the Brand to life.
To date, these UGC posts have outperformed Cracker Barrel’s own Facebook engagement benchmarks by over 25%, and surpassed their Instagram engagement benchmarks by 17%.


Demonstrating our ability to find and react to UGC gave us the platform to collaborate on a new effort, Unplanned Real-Time (URT) content. Our teams designed a process for defining what qualifies as a URT moment, notifying all relevant stakeholders, and creating suggested posts for Cracker Barrel to review / edit / post. This work has humanized and expanded the brand.