A national restaurant chain experienced a significant backlog at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when its transition from a separate digital marketing agency to Social Factor was temporarily halted. Initially, Social Factor was contracted to clear outdated comments and respond to incoming questions and recovery opportunities. The team exceeded expectations and brought response time to under the promised SLA sooner than expected, providing an opening to alert the brand of existing UGC opportunities from guests posting about their love of the restaurant chain.


Social Factor collaborated with Sprinklr to create a unique UGC dashboard that showcased these opportunities and gave the brand’s social media team a way to quickly recognize and leverage this content. The team transferred the highest-level UGC images to the dashboard and was given permission to engage with brand love opportunities. This allowed moderators to respond to questions and recovery issues while also interacting with guests who provided images and stories that showed the heart of the brand.


This proactive approach to moderation allowed the brand to focus on including brand love opportunities and sharing guest UGC moments with their community instead of only responding to neutral and negative guest engagement. Over time, these UGC posts outperformed the brand’s Facebook engagement benchmarks by over 25% and its Instagram engagement benchmarks by 17%.