When a leading technology company came to Social Factor, its moderation team was only identifying minimal engagement opportunities per day despite having a large volume of inbound messages in their queues. Although everyone agreed the brand could gain much more value through social engagement, the moderation team simply could not filter through the influx of spam and non-engageable messages fast enough to find the right opportunities.


Social Factor’s Technical Solutions team took a sample of 10,000+ posts to serve as the basis for an analysis. Then, the team compared the Sprinklr Rules configuration for Engageable vs. Non-Engageable content to the current brand definitions of engageable content. Our team recommended a revised set of rules to retrain Sprinklr Intuition. This allowed our team to clean the queues of a large portion of non-engageable content while still keeping a wide enough funnel open to catch the best engagement opportunities available.


This series of changes resulted in a 60% reduction in Workflow messages coming to the moderation team through the Sprinklr platform. Because of this improvement in the quality of messages in the queues, the moderation team more than doubled engagement within 30 days.