A major social network came to Social Factor looking to improve the efficiency of its social media operation by optimizing its global platform. Although it had invested in the most developed technology and the highest service level from the platform, it was still unable to keep up with the speed of demands created by the constant evolution of its business and social media.


Social Factor did a deep dive into the current solution’s configuration, use cases, user experience, and unmet client objectives. As a result, our team identified four basic problems that needed to be solved: 

  • Reduce manual efforts
  • Improve end-user platform experience to enable better use of the tool
  • Enhance community management workflows to utilize more features and increase efficiency
  • Establish standardized forms for ad-hoc requests


After client approval of the plan, Social Factor engaged in a 3-month process of multiple upgrades that resulted in a wide range of benefits, including: 

  • Removed 40,000 messages per month that previously required manual actions. This freed up 200+ moderation hours per month for higher-value activities.
  • Smoothly handled 4-7 ad hoc platform requests per week 
  • Created a post-level engagement counter 
  • Created 28 regional dashboards to customize information for moderators, managers, and global marketing team