Deploy, integrate, manage and optimize enterprise CXM platforms and emerging AI technologies to drive efficiencies while building revenue and long-term brand value through meaningful brand connections.

Flexing Those Features

We work with teams to learn what features they need, what they don’t need, and what they might just misunderstand. Through user interviews and action audits, we make workspaces actually work.

Optimize to Maximize

Getting the most out of your tools means training the users and the platform. We help your software speak to humans through its tags and taxonomy, unlocking new capabilities and insights.

Activate, Integrate, or Migrate

Our team makes every stage of your social software stack successful, whether you’re just getting started, connecting to other platforms, or ready to move on to something new.

Leading Automotive Manufacturer

Better Content Usage with Money and Time Saved

Our Challenge

  • Social media publishing and analytics were distributed across a variety of platforms, with different owners and/or duplicative content 
  • These scattered point solutions created overlapping processes, each owned by separate teams with their own objectives
  • Client sought to build an integrated content flow for their Social Center of Excellence, blocked by this level of fragmentation

Our Solution

  • Partnered with client team to comprehensively evaluate every platform touching social media and provided recommendations to streamline
  • Conducted interviews with each content stakeholder team to understand current process and design new workflow
  • Rolled out platform optimization and standardized procedures with training and support for all contributors

The Results

  • Over 1,600 existing content assets reused across business units, driving down overall cost per engagement
  • Over 26,000 work days of effort saved through process optimizations and shared asset collaboration
  • $5.7M saved on original content creation through asset management
  • Over 250 users migrated to a single shared content planning process

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