Social Factor Partners with Emplifi to Fuel the Social Commerce Wave

Social Factor, a prominent digital agency specializing in social CRM and strategy, has recently announced an agency-level partnership with Emplifi, a leading customer engagement platform. This partnership ties in with a shift in digital marketing, aiming to revolutionize customer engagement strategies through a social commerce-first approach.

Social Factor, known for its expertise in working with digital tools and resources to foster customer engagement for large enterprises, believes that this collaboration with Emplifi will adjust the landscape of social commerce and support channel spending strategies in the coming years.

Empowering Enterprise-Level Customer Engagement

Emplifi’s Social Commerce Cloud solution has recieved acclaim for its ability to bridge the gap between social media marketing strategies and commerce capabilities for global brands. Scott Parker, CEO of Social Factor, emphasizes the potential of Emplifi’s platform in directly impacting revenue streams and optimizing customer engagement strategies.

“Our partnership with Emplifi provides us with access to additional expertise, particularly in the burgeoning field of social commerce,” stated Parker. “By aligning ourselves with the industry’s leading customer engagement platform, we can now anticipate and capitalize on social commerce trends that directly impact our return on investment.”

Similar to traditional ecommerce, potential social commerce consumers value personalization and excellent customer support. So much so, that they prioritize experience over price.

The Rise of Social Commerce

Experts project a significant increase in consumer spending in social commerce, with the total U.S. consumer spend expected to surge by over 29% by 2030. Globally, the projected spend is set to reach an astounding $8.5 trillion, underscoring the importance of leveraging social media channels for commerce and customer engagement.

Unsurprisingly, mobile devices are the main way people access social media networks, aligning with the increasing use of smartphones for online shopping. Social network-driven commerce capitalizes on this mobile-centric focus, allowing consumers to shop directly from their devices, anytime, anywhere. This ease of access is one of the key point fueling the rise of social commerce.

Emplifi offers customer engagement solutions that seamlessly integrate a brand’s social media marketing, customer care efforts, and commerce capabilities. Its Social Commerce Cloud empowers businesses to scale their social media presence and monitor campaign performance in real-time, facilitating the creation of shoppable content across multiple social media platforms.

Driving Measurable Results

With access to Emplifi’s customer engagement platform, Social Factor is equipped to leverage actionable intelligence to drive measurable results across social media channels. The valuable insights provided by Emplifi will be integrated across Social Factor’s four pillars of innovation – strategy, technology, engagement, and intelligence – to enhance overall business value for their client base.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Emplifi’s best-in-class customer engagement platform,” remarked Parker. “Their unmatched focus on the intersection of marketing, commerce, and customer care positions them as a leader in the social commerce marketplace.”

A Testament to Innovation

Brody Jones, VP of sales for North America at Emplifi, echoes Parker’s sentiments, emphasizing the alignment between Social Factor’s innovative approach to social media marketing and Emplifi’s commitment to delivering world-class customer engagement solutions.

“This partnership signifies a significant milestone for Emplifi,” stated Jones. “Social Factor’s collaborative approach to social media marketing perfectly complements Emplifi’s dedication to innovation, setting the stage for transformative outcomes for brands worldwide.”

Social Factor and Emplifi have a seemingly shared commitment to excellence that should elevate social commerce customer engagement in our mobile always-on age, driving tangible value for brands and consumers alike.

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