AI Can’t Be Your Doctor, At Least Right Now

Artificial Intelligence can be your Artist, your Composer, and even your Bird Song Translator. But at least for now, AI has no chance of being your doctor (check out the links below). Try not to cheat by looking at the chart – which industry do you think is furthest behind in adopting AI? If you […]

Chatbots are Essential for Today’s Customer Care

The idea of a chatbot managing customer care might seem far-fetched, but it’s already as integrated into our daily lives as cell phones and pizza. Chatbots are interactive software platforms found in apps, email, SMS, messaging platforms, and live chat. Everytime you receive a notification that your pharmacy refill is due, you’re interacting with a […]

4 Best AI Chatbots to Take your Brand into 2020

Earle Dickson invented bandaids in 1920 in an attempt to help his wife dress (without assistance) cuts she got while cooking. It’s been a century and now chatbots are taking their place in history as a way to address customer service gaps without assistance. From bandaids to bantering bots one thing’s for sure: we’ve come […]

Four Companies that are Winning the Chatbot Game

Technological advances have completely changed the way companies interface with customers. While plenty of brick and mortar stores still exist, most brands also maintain a digital storefront. A number of companies, even restaurants, have opted out of physical locations altogether, and now sell exclusively online. With the 24-hour-a-day flow of e-commerce, customers expect help regardless […]

A New Shift in Marketing as Instagram Embraces AR

To keep up with filters on Snapchat and catch the latest technology wave, Instagram is bringing the ability to create Augmented Reality (AR) effects to its users through a partnership with Spark AR Studio. AR as we know it has been around since 2000, but the ability for everyday users to enjoy the effects has […]