Don’t Get Caught in the Storm: How to Prepare For Disasters on Social Media

Don't Get Caught in the Storm: How to Prepare For Disasters on Social Media

Storms are incredibly dangerous, and its important to recognize and use the resources in place to keep you and your loved ones safe. What is LESS talked about/has resources for, is protecting your brand during less literally storms. Here are some principles that will help keep your brand safe whether facing a literal weather event, or upset customers trending on Twitter.

Don't Get Caught in the Storm: How to Prepare For Disasters on Social Media

When calamity occurs, individuals and organizations alike are more likely to survive with proper planning. For enterprises with social media operations, a handful of steps can be vital in the event of a natural disaster:

  1. Don’t get caught in the storm: Be conscious of (and sensitive to) how social media activities like promotions or ads may be received in the light of critical current events. Avoiding missteps whenever possible will save face in the community, and show brand awareness.
  2. Be ready to seek cover: Have a standard template to notify internal teammates of a potential or definite social media pause, as well as who to contact with questions. Forewarned is forearmed, so to speak, so since we know disasters happen it’s best to plan in advance.
  3. Batten down the hatches: Put a pause on paid ads and possibly on organic social media activity, unless perhaps PSA-oriented. In times of crisis, social media communities often frown on brands putting profit over people – don’t be that brand.
  4. Tell your neighbors: Link to real-time information and helpful resources, either in a post or added to a profile bio. Social media platforms are online communities, and when dealing with disaster we all need to be stewards of our communities.

Disasters happen, so it’s important to evaluate our brands and act accordingly. For example, does your brand relate to this moment, this place, these people? If your brand’s voice can’t add value in a situation, staying silent might be the best option. Speaking up just to be seen will never be perceived as genuine interaction online, so take a moment to decide whether you’re helping the situation, or only yourself.

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