Workflow Design

Connecting with an audience starts by connecting to each other. Tools and processes should create collaboration, not confusion.

Achieve Inbox Zero

Your inbound queue doesn’t have to keep your brand voice silent. Our team can tackle a backlog and renovate your triage to make sure you can respond to your audience in the moment.

Save Time and Raise Sentiment

We can help you create a robust response matrix, then go far beyond it. Our teams integrate AI and experience together to respond faster while creating interactions that build audience loyalty.

Escalation Without Aggravation

Responding is easy – until someone asks a question. Whether it’s a confounded customer or an irate influencer, we make sure you have the input and approvals you need at internet speed.

Guitar Maker

We Built This Workflow to Rock and Roll

Our Challenge

  • Client had a social software platform in place, but couldn’t use it effectively to collaborate, publish content, or respond to audiences
  • Inbound messages ran the gamut from detail-oriented product questions to first-time players to celebrity-level rockstars
  • Responses were inconsistent to these and many more scenarios, plus escalation paths for issues weren’t clearly defined

Our Solution

  • Evaluated and documented all client processes in place, identified areas of risk and/or open opportunity for growth
  • Developed customized workflows with adjustment levels for client priorities based on channel, engagement type, and volume
  • Defined escalation processes for each common issue type, reducing time to resolution and clarifying roles across the organization

The Results

  • 726% increase in total responses achieved in less than 90 days
  • Six-figure annual investment in social software platform realized positive ROI through optimization 
  • Unlocked the ability to respond to positive brand love messages, thanks to processes successfully managing daily queue of negative issues

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