What are the latest trends in digital marketing? Find out.

Twitter’s Branded Bowl & Instagram’s “Close Friends List”
Instagram Rids Fake Likes & Facebook Blocks Certain Words
FB’s Updated Career Portal, Pinterest’s IG Style News Feed & New Vine App
Twitter’s Conversation Starters, LinkedIn’s Algorithm & Music in FB Stories.
LinkedIn “Follow” Option, Pinterest New Systems & Facebook Clickbait
Google+ Shuts Down, Facebook Releases First-Party Cookie Option & New Video Call Device
Snapchat e-Commerce, Instagram Name Tags & Facebook Marketplace AI
Pinterest’s “Shop the Look” Pins, Snapchat Teams with Amazon and Instagram’s Leadership Exit
Chatbots, Instagram Hashtagging & Chronological Twitter Feeds
Reddit Chat Rooms, Google AMPs & Snapchat/Nielsen Partnership
Question Stickers in IG Stories, Google’s Measurements Program & Facebook AR Ads
Google’s Ad Segments & Twitter’s Ad Transparency Center