Starbucks Isn’t Just Surviving, It’s Thriving

On paper, some might say this brand is doomed. Over 50 years with no major name or logo change; a business reliant on hourly workers serving unique configurations in diverse locations; a product requiring complicated supply chains driving worldwide consistency. And yet, Starbucks coffee is thriving. The Starbucks fall launch (including all things PSL) garnered its […]

If Airlines Want Customers Back, They Need to Think Like a Marketer

Like many I listened to The New York Times The Daily recently, recapping woes of summer airline travel chaos driven by staffing shortages. Many more expert brains will be needed to answer the human capital questions, but I thought: How would I solve this like a Marketer? My answer? Vertical integration. People are flying to […]

Influencer Marketing: How to Ensure Compliance with FTC Guidelines

After careful research and planning, you’ve decided to launch an influencer marketing campaign to leverage powerful voices to promote your brand or product. You’ve already identified a handful of influential bloggers and social media users who write or share on topics relevant to your brand, and thought through how you want to engage them — […]

How Crocs Came Back from the Brink of Extinction

Niche marketing is smart in a few instances. For example, Lefty’s Left Hand Store markets to left-handed people. Since 95% of the population is right-handed, targeting the 5% who don’t want right-handed products is a smart business model. But it wouldn’t make any sense for Lefty’s to start carrying products for right-handed people because its […]

Burger King Turned the “Impossible” into Social Media Gold

Americans love meat. That seems like a broad generalization, but America consumes more meat than almost any other country in the world (with Australia leading by only five pounds per person). It’s part of our identity. Historian Frederick Turner is known primarily for his “Frontier Thesis” — the idea that the frontiers are what transformed […]