Community First: Earn the Right to Continue the Conversation with Social Care

According to Forrester, 41 percent of U.S. adults would prefer to use digital platforms for customer service than speak to someone by phone. Customers on social media expect near-immediate responses to questions and comments. As a result, managing a brand’s reputation through “one-to-one” engagement — versus “one-to-many” — has become the new standard in digital marketing. […]

How to Deal with Negativity on Your Brand’s Facebook Page

  Social media is now one of the easiest ways for people to express themselves in front of a large audience. Whether it is the excited chatter that comes with the next big sporting event, your cousin who finally popped the question, or your neighbor who brought home the most adorable puppy, Facebook is there […]

Rules of Engagement: When to Engage

Whether your business utilizes social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, one very important thing always remains true: great social media engagement with your customers, fans, or potential clients is key to creating a successful brand. In 2020, the number of individuals engaging with companies online has never been higher. Additionally, more than […]

Brand Love: How to Show Customers Love Every Day

Anyone who has ever worked in retail knows one big truth when it comes to customer retention: the customer is always right. However, that doesn’t mean every customer deserves to be given whatever he or she asks for. If a customer takes the time to start a conversation — whether it be about an issue, […]

Voice in Community Management: What Level of Banter is Right?

When looking for the ideal model for social media community management, it’s no surprise that Wendy’s often comes up as an excellent example of how a company uses a unique brand voice to generate positive interactions online. The most cited source is the restaurant’s Twitter account, which uses sassy banter, mixed with in-the-moment trending topics […]

Toxic Twitter: The Pros and Cons of Hiding Tweets

One of the biggest problems with Twitter is the rampant abuse many users experience at the hands of trolls and other detractors. Amnesty International says that professional black women receive the highest number of problematic tweets, and until recently it seemed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey turned a blind eye to the issue. On February 28, […]

The Power of Social Listening

We’ve all seen it by now: one of the most retweeted tweet of all time. What started as a joke (#nuggsforcarter) quickly gained momentum and attracted attention from Microsoft,  Amazon,  Google,  NASCAR and many, many more. On April 5, 2017 Carter Wilkerson tweeted a simple question. “Yo @Wendys how many retweets for a year of […]