Social Media and Mental Health in Teens: Here’s What We Know

In July 1990, two families — still grieving from the deaths of their sons — faced off against the band Judas Priest in court, alleging that the band’s music contained subliminal messages urging troubled teens to commit suicide. The band was found not liable and the lawsuit was ultimately dismissed. Over the years, every form […]

Four Reasons to Grow your Pinterest Presence Right Now

When it comes to social media management, the first platform that comes to mind (for almost everybody) is Facebook. But as Facebook faces continued scrutiny, and an increasing number of consumers are following the #DeleteFacebook trend, marketers need to consider other platforms that will allow their brands to shine. In a recent study released by […]

5 Things Companies Need to Stop Doing on Social Media Right Now

Managing social media for a company is child’s play, right? Just share trendy topics, and posts that lead back to the company website and watch the clicks roll in. In theory, it sounds like a simple practice and something anyone could manage. In reality, the World Wide Web is more like the Wild, Wild West. […]